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Reapers invade! Don't say we didn't warn you...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Some sort of video game goes on sale this week, or so I'm told — oh, yeah! That Mass Effect 3! And as noted here on the site in the past, I've scripted a couple of graphic novels that can supply some supporting information: Mass Effect: Evolution and Mass Effect: Invasion. Evolution is available now, while Invasion ships soon. (Cover of the Invasion collection is at right.)

Also, the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3 contains an exclusive, glossy minicomic version of Mass Effect Invasion #1. Bioware did the same thing with the Collector's Edition for Mass Effect 2, and it's a nice bonus for gamers. While Amazon went through its preorder allocation quickly, they're looking to get more, so the order link still works.

So I won't see some of you gamers for a few days, right? Well, remember to eat...


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