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Friday, October 24, 2008

Lord British lands safely

Good to see that Richard Garriott has landed safely from space. I cut my computer-game teeth on Ultima II (and then the others), the series Garriott created under the name Lord British — Lord British also was a character in the games, himself. Many was the time I trudged back to Lord British to level up. My favorite of all the games remains the time- and space-traveling Ultima II, though — in which, among other things, your character has to fly a Russian rocket to the planets and try to land safely — something next to impossible on the mod that was rereleased a few years ago, simply because the processor made the animation move too fast.

Anyway, good to see he didn't land in a tree, as I did so many times in his game. Possible next stop for Garriott: Planet X to look for Father Anton...
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