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Monday, October 27, 2008

Some KOTOR comic pronunciations

Having brought it up in what I wrote about issue #34, I remembered my past pronunciation guide died with my old website. I'll get something more permanent up on my blog, but here are a few pronunciations off the top of my head. They're how I hear them — although, of course, note that none of these characters has appeared in an audio medium to date, so while I might spell something "Alexander Luxury-Yacht", you're welcome to pronounce it as "Throatwarbler Mangrove":

Zayne Carrick: ZAYN KAYR-rick
Hierogryph: HIY-roh-griff
Lucien: LOO-shun
Q'anilia: kah-NEEL-yah
Xamar: ZAY-mar
Raana Tey: RAH-nah TAY
Jarael: ja-RAYL
Rohlan: ROH-lun
Demagol: dem-uh-GOLL
Haazen: HAH-zen (yes, not the same as HAYZE)
Moomo: MOO-moh
Adasca: ah-DAS-kah
Haydel Goravvus: HAY-del guh-RA-vus
Pulsipher: puhl-si-FUR
Odryn: OH-dren

Post if you need others. Sorry, I don't know how to do schwas and other phonetic type — and apologies if this is at variance with anything I've posted before (which, again, is gone anyway now). But that's close enough...
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