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Thursday, October 9, 2008

What the heck that guy is saying

Following yesterday's theme of odd stuff I've run across recently — regard the following video, one person's explanation of the lyrics on the closing credits of WKRP in Cincinnati...

Personally, I am pleased that 'KRP is back on "the new WGN" — even the current, original-music-ripped-out version. (Something has to take up the slack from TVLand, which continues to amble about in search of something other than its original programming mission.) Even with some jokes lost under the new dubbing, it remains superlative, a classic office comedy and a classic comedy all on its own.

Anyway, one of the few intact music pieces is that closing theme, which, as I recall Hugh Wilson saying on the DVD commentary, is probably completely meaningless. I admire the poster's attempt at a translation, though his guess may be as good as any.
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