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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Read it for free!

The news of this has been on the fan sites for a while, but I am pleased to announce my first Star Wars prose fiction for Del Rey. And not only is it online as of today, but you can read it for free!

Fate of the Jedi is a nine-novel series by Aaron Allston, Christie Golden, and Troy Denning, taking place in the years after the Star Wars films and including a plot element — a lost tribe of the Sith — from far back in the history of the galaxy. And now, the first part of Lost Tribe of the Sith is available — a supporting series of e-books written by yours truly, exploring the history of that group. You can get the first Lost Tribe of the Sith story, Precipice, from several locations, including the official Star Wars site. You can also get it in a Kindle format from Amazon.

As I say, the news of this has been out for a while, but I customarily don't mention anything until a book has been solicited. As it's partly a promotional tool, however — the first edition includes a sample from Christie's novel, Omen — the announcement and the posting were simultaneous. So here's immediate gratification — don't read what I have to say, go read the story, then come back and share your thoughts!

I'm thrilled to be working with Del Rey, Lucasfilm, and the other authors on this project. I've been expanding more into prose, and this project provides both a wonderful opportunity and an interesting change of pace, focusing as it does on the villains of the Star Wars universe and their motivations.

I can't get into details here about scheduling or series length — check the publisher and for updates on that — but I have established an overdue section on my own site for prose fiction, including pages for Lost Tribe (commentary to come later) and for the short stories "Interference" and "Labor Pains."

One more note, speaking of things discovered online — also today, I discovered that while I was snowed under with work (and, being Wisconsin in March, snow), Marvel released a hardcover Avengers Disassembled collection including a couple of my Iron Man stories. It's my time with work appearing in a hardcover graphic novel in the United States — the French volumes of KOTOR are all hardcovers. This one's massive, with 456 pages! Check it out!
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Scendan said...

I just wanted to let you know (after way too long of an absence from your blog) what a BLAST I had reading this on the weekend. An absolute blast. And I was doubly, nay, TRIPLY excited to have some of the Red Sith show up. It's been far too long.

And your smart-mouth captain... poor man. He's in for a bad time. Although at least he wasn't hurking up a lung like the poor Massassi.

You have a deft touch with characterizations and, as always, a nice dose of irony through the character POVs. I can't wait to read more. I am more excited--by far--about your e-novels than about the actual book series. Shhh, don't tell.

- Carolyn

John Jackson Miller said...

Thanks, Carolyn! There's more cool moments to come in this series -- stay tuned!

Good to hear from you -- don't be a stranger!

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