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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

January 2010: Dual duels from Dark Horse

Dark Horse has released its solicitations for January 2010 — a month that includes two comic books from yours truly. First there's the premiere issue of Mass Effect: Redemption (my script on a Mac Walters plot, with art by Omar Francia and a cover by Daryl Mandryk); that should be in shops on January 6. Here's the first look at the cover with the logo...

And, why not, here's some solicitation copy:

"The eagerly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster science-fiction epic that named the #1 Xbox 360 game of all time, Mass Effect 2 begins with the disappearance of Commander Shepard. The story of what happens next-exclusive to these comics-will have the commander's companion Dr. Liara T'Soni undertake a deadly mission of extraordinary importance in the Milky Way's lawless Terminus Systems."

Then there's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #49, featuring the third part of "Demon" drawn by Brian Ching and sporting a spiffy cover by Benjamin Carré. Jarael and Chantique there on the cover — and it looks like trouble! Some more of that solicitation copy, as we call it...

"It is do or die for former Padawan Zayne Carrick as he desperately tries to save Jarael's life. He'll call in favors from the Senate, the Mandalorian Cassus Fett, and Admiral Karath of the Republic Navy -- but none can prepare him for what he's about to face!"

Plus, there's the news that Knights of the Old Republic #48 will feature a five-page preview of Mass Effect #1! Not exactly a crossover — but they both came from my word processor!

Finally, yes, I will be at Baltimore Comicon this weekend, at the Dark Horse booth — and at the Diamond Retailer Summit thereafter. Schedule details as I have them...
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