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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some podcasts, Mass Effect #2 notes, and more

First off, a couple of interviews I did are now online. I spoke again with Philadelphia's Fictional Frontiers radio show about the end of Knights of the Old Republic, the beginning of Mass Effect, and other things; you can find the broadcast online here.

A longer interview on the same topics has also gone online, as I was the guest for this week's The Legion of Dudes podcast.

The production notes for Mass Effect: Redemption #2 are online as promised, and there's also a page online here now for the Mass Effect Redemption collected edition, slated for June. And it's not online at Dark Horse yet, but Amazon is already taking preorders for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 9: Demon. Now, my understanding is that mass-market solicitations and those for the direct comics market are different things, but I would imagine from the shipping date (and the fact that Dark Horse has already announced its June shipping list) that you'll see the book in your May-for-July Previews. Be sure to reserve your copy now!

This is turning out to be my busiest month in years, and it's only the 4th. Someone bring the energy drinks...

- - -


Unknown said...

Thanks very much for joining us on Legion of Dudes. As I said on the show, I wish we had a chance to cover more, but thank you for the time you were able to give to us.

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