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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Midsouthcon Panel Schedule

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And the panel schedule is now online at My panel schedule at this annual Memphis convention is as follows:

Friday, Mar. 12
9 p.m.: Comic Book Flashback: The Malibu Ultraverse and the comics of the 1990s. John Jackson Miller, Dean Zachary, Jim Hall, and Roland Mann. (Ash Room)

10 p.m.: General Comics Discussion: With John Jackson Miller, Curt Franklin, Gail Simone, Dean Zachary, Lin Workman, Jim Hall (Ash Room)

Saturday, Mar. 13:
5 p.m.: Star Wars Comics Panel: With John Jackson Miller, Dean Zachary, Jim all, and Nicki Howe. (Ash Room)

7 p.m.: John Jackson Miller on KOTOR & More: My annual panel on projects, including KOTOR, just finished, as well as Lost Tribe of the Sith and a few words about the upcoming Knight Errant. With JJM (of course) and Carlin Stuart. (Ash Room)

Sunday, Mar. 14:
2 p.m.: Coloring Inside the Lines: A panel on intellectual property and working within others' worlds. With Nick Valentino, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Kevin Hooker, and John Jackson Miller. (Chestnut Room)

3 p.m.: Film & Media to Comics Adaptations: With John Jackson Miller, Dean Zachary, Roland Mann and Traci Brown. (Ash Room)

There's also a signings block at 1 p.m. Saturday, but I'm not sure who all's involved in that. See you all there!

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