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Friday, July 23, 2010

Lair of the Shadow Broker announced for Mass Effect

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Readers of our Mass Effect: Redemption series know all about Liara T'Soni's conflict with the Shadow Broker. And now, Bioware has announced DLC, or downloadable game content, building off of the events of that story. Lair of the Shadow Broker was announced this week as coming soon from Bioware. "Two years ago, Commander Shepard died and Liara T'Soni fought in a desperate struggle against the Shadow Broker to recover her former Commander," Bioware writes. "Now that Shepard is back, it's time to even the score."

I had been aware that DLC relating to Redemption might be in the offing; I'm thrilled to see it announced. What happens in the comics happens in the game universe, too, and so it definitely is worth checking into.

If you'd like to catch up on what's been happening with Liara and the Broker, you can get the Mass Effect: Redemption trade paperback from your local comics shop, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Things from Another World.
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Chris Krycho said...

Excellent! (I was finally able to pick up the Redemption trade just today, so this is doubly good news from my perspective!)

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