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Monday, October 25, 2010

Lost Tribe of the Sith #5: Purgatory now online! Download free!

The fifth installment of Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith, titled "Purgatory", is now online. The free download is now available at and also Random House's Suvudu. I'll link other major download platforms as I have them.

It's my second electronic story online in less than a week, but it's completely different in many ways — and quite different from the previous episodes of Lost Tribe. Much time has passed since the fourth episode, as you'll see. This story also has an ending you may not expect — avoid spoilers!

Speaking of unexpected, I finally have production notes online for Lost Tribe: Paragon and Lost Tribe: Savior. I'll have notes for Part 5 on my page for the e-book later on, hopefully later this week.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Knight Errant: Influx, prequel story, now online!

Star Wars: Knight Errant: Influx, my prequel prose story to Knight Errant #1 (in stores now!) is now online for your reading enjoyment at Star Find out about Kerra and Vannar Treece's arrival in Sith space. The plan went wrong even before the plan went wrong!

I'll have some notes up about this story in the near future — but in the meantime, enjoy. Coming soon, we also have the Atlas update based on the events in Knight Errant, as well as Lost Tribe of the Sith Episode 5: Purgatory, which is set for release on Oct. 25. All coming soon, and all free!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

D-Day for Sith space: Knight Errant #1 arrives!

The Jedi have arrived!

Kerra Holt and the volunteer forces of Vannar Treece have arrived in the Daimanate for a sneak attack -- but you don't have to be stealthy to find Star Wars: Knight Errant #1, now on sale at your local comic-book purveyor's establishment!

(Find your local shop here; checking the link, I see we're the top book on the page this morning!) You can also order the issue from Things From Another World; they're also a good source for the variant cover version, seen above right.

And in surprisingly speedy fashion, I already have the spoiler-free production notes online. Remember, the novel comes out Jan. 25 -- reserve your copy at Amazon.

Comments on the issue always welcome! Enjoy -- there's more to come!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mass Effect: Evolution launches Jan. 19!

And now we have the ship date for Mass Effect: Evolution #1 — January 19, just one week after Star Wars: Knight Errant #4 and one week before the Star Wars: Knight Errant novel comes out. Busy month!

Plotted by Mac Walters from Bioware, scripted by yours truly, drawn by Omar Francia, and colored by Michael Atiyeh, the new series chronicles humanity's first deadly days on the galactic stage — and uncovers the pivotal role The Illusive Man played in it all!

Whatever the weather this winter, at least there'll be plenty of reading material!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One week to Star Wars: Knight Errant #1!

If things go as scheduled, the first issue of Star Wars: Knight Errant hits comics shops next Wednesday, Oct. 13. It hits at a busy stretch for me (I'm not at New York Comicon, sad to say, because of various deadlines), so I'm probably not going to do the kind of big countdown here on the site that I did for the end of Knights of the Old Republic. But there is a fresh interview now online about the series at ComicBookResources. Check it out!

Also, I now have pages on the site here for Star Wars: Knight Errant #3 and #4, along with covers. And the cover of the novel is on the Amazon preorder page, I see.

Busy week coming up... stay tuned!
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