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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lost Tribe of the Sith #6: Sentinel now online!

The latest chapter of Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith is now available for free download! Lost Tribe of the Sith #6: Sentinel picks up immediately where the previous chapter, Purgatory, left off — a first for this series. The one person on Kesh who knows who the Sith are and what danger they represent has just been discovered — by someone he thought he could trust!

You can find the PDF at, and here is the link for earlier chapters.

At Amazon, the Kindle download is now available; as in a previous occasion, they seem to have accidentally put a 99-cent price on it — I've let the folks in charge know, so that should soon be fixed. Meanwhile, here are the (free!) links for Barnes & Noble and the Sony eReader.

I'll try to do the production notes for #5 and #6 simultaneously — although it should be pretty obvious that I'm behind on a lot of website stuff. They're on the list!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Westfield Comics Knight Errant signing pix

Wonderful weather for a signing — and a great afternoon at Westfield Comics in Madison, Wis. today! (Thanks to Scott Lynch for the above photo.)

My thanks to everyone who came out — as well as to the store staff and the members of the 501st Wisconsin Garrison and Rebel Legion: Thomas "Crix" Turner, Philip Zeman, Zach Wagner, and Sara Zeman!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Knight Errant Ask-Me-Anything -- and a contest!

Star Wars: Knight ErrantLots going on! First, I wanted to alert readers in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois to my signing on Saturday (Feb. 19th) at Westfield Comics in Madison, Wis. Stormtroopers from the 501st will be present. Take a break from the craziness at the State Capital and come visit! The signing is from 1-4 at the Westside store, 7475 Mineral Point Rd., Suite 22., in High Point Center.

Second, I've been doing a slew of podcasts — one of which is now online. Click to hear me on the latest Fictional Frontiers.

Next, I'll be appearing at C2E2 in Chicago in March — and I've learned I'll be on a Del Rey panel with Paul S. Kemp on Friday afternoon. I'm also signing for Del Rey on Saturday — and will have hours for Dark Horse as well. More details as I have them.

Finally, in advance of getting my production notes for the novel together — and with the final issue of "Aflame" out — I hereby launch the "Ask Me Anything" for the novel and the first comics series. The rules are the same as the pre-release one; I can only speak to what's happened in the novel and comics so far, and won't spoil anything coming up. Please look at the three pre-release answer posts to see if your question's already been answered. You might also see what's been discussed already in the Facebook chat transcript. I'm really looking for some original questions we haven't hit before -- surprise me!

Now, to the contest part — I'll be sending signed copies of both the novel and Aflame #1-5 to two questioners chosen at random. Posting more than one question doesn't increase your chances — and, again, original questions are always appreciated. Please use your name or a distinct username with your post, and check back here on March 1 when I'll announce the winners. Then the winners will need to get in touch with me with their addresses and any personalization instructions.

This covers the novel and the comics, so consider a Spoiler Warning as you read others' questions. You may want to skip to the bottom for the comment pane if you've only read one of them. Onward!

Novel copies are now on sale at all booksellers and at the following links:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double the fun! Knight Errant #5 and Mass Effect Evolution #2 hit stands!

I'm sure this has happened to me at least once before, but it's a rarity -- I have two issues that go on sale today.

First off, there's Star Wars: Knight Errant #5, the concluding issue of "Aflame." This is the missing piece, the last bit of story to come before the novel, already available. I'll have some notes on that issue available soon -- probably before I get to the notes for the novel.

Second, there's Mass Effect: Evolution #2, which comes in two different covers, one by Joe Quinones and the other by Massimo Carnevale.

Incredibly busy, but there's more to announce here in the next few days -- Lost Tribe of the Sith #6 goes online next week, and I have a signing at Westfield in Madison this Saturday -- complete with the 501st!
And you can find copies of the Knight Errant novel, now on sale at all booksellers and at the following links:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Facebook chat on Del Rey's page

Updated: Thanks to everyone who posted in my chat on Del Rey's StarWarsBooks Facebook page. Sorry I couldn't get to every question -- I must have hit some kind of response buffer for threads or something, because I was a-writing and it wasn't a-posting. In any event, they'll post the final version tomorrow, and I'll try to respond to the ones I missed.

In the meantime, I was the guest for the Jedi Journals podcast for Forcecast, now online. Topic: Knight Errant, what else?

Oh, here's something. We have a release date and a cover for Lost Tribe of the Sith #6. Busy day! The release dates for #7 and #8 also appeared today: "Pantheon" has moved to July 19, and "Secrets" has shifted to March 8, 2012, to adjust to the Fate of the Jedi release schedule.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

News and previews! Knight Errant #5, Mass Effect Evolution #2, and more...

Lots of stuff going on today. First off, we have the preview of Star Wars: Knight Errant— Aflame #5, the final issue of the storyline and the missing link between the comics and the novel. It's a blockbuster of a preview; destruction soon to ensue!

Next off, IGN has a preview of Mass Effect: Evolution #2. Both that issue and Aflame #5 release on the same day, February 16 — just in time for my signing at Westfield Comics in Madison, Wis., that Saturday. I still need to get production notes online for the first issue, now on sale — but it's been pretty busy!

I was also alerted today that Star Wars: Knight Errant was one of the ten best-selling mass-market paperbacks in Barnes and Noble stores this past week. It's gratifying to see, of course, and it's been wonderful reading the kind words folks have written me in recent days.

Debuts can be scary things; my first comic book, years ago, was a bit more tumultuous as experiences go. But this has been a pleasure all around. I really do thank everyone for their support!
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