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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Autographed comics and books again available

It's been a while since I've been able to offer autographed copies of my books and comics through the site — I've been so busy there hasn't been much time to handle orders or keep up with what I had on hand. But with requests coming in in advance of the holidays, I've set up a new inventory list on the Shop page, where you'll also find instructions for ordering.

I have copies of the Knight Errant novel and most of the Star Wars and Mass Effect trade paperbacks I've written on hand (though not all — the early KOTOR books go out pretty fast), and all are offered at cover price plus USPS shipping. All payments go through Paypal.

I also have small quantities of many of the individual comic books on hand — write to the address at above right to request availability and pricing on specific issues. (Sorry, but I don't have the KOTOR Campaign Guide in stock any more. No one seems to!)

Second, for those looking for unsigned copies at good prices, I've updated the links to Things From Another World on the Shop page — and there are also Amazon image links down the left-hand side of each page here on the site. TFAW actually has the Mass Effect: Invasion trade paperback for preorder already. And don't forget your local comics shop and bookstore, which have access to just about everything!

Update: Yes, I do ship internationally -- though beware that postage can often cost more than the books being shipped. I usually provide whatever range of options the U.S. Postal Service provides.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Carrick Station? Say, that sounds familiar...

The Old Republic MMORPG is on the launchpad — and as players of the beta are now able to report, there is at least one familiar name to be found: Carrick Station, an important hub. The game's site is here; Google a bit, and you'll get a look at the location itself.

I've been asked a few times already about whether there's a direct in-universe connection between that naming and the Carrick from the Knights of the Old Republic comics. It's not my project to speak to (though I have spoken with the fine folks behind it), so all I can really do here is state what everyone already knows. There are many years between the settings, and a lot of Carricks in the galaxy — including in Zayne's family alone! — so there may be a connection, or maybe not. Time will, of course, tell — time, and the stories in between!

Which is a good reason to get your order in for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic — War #1 at your local comics retailer. Zayne as we knew him wasn't a very popular person with the Republic — nobody was going to be naming anything after him. But his life is about to change again, drastically. Could he finally be in line for the acclaim his actions deserve — or will things go from bad to worse? With Zayne's luck, you never know!

There are several fun callback nuggets in the TOR game, or so I've been told — including even in the server names, I'm told. (Update: Look in the comments here for a whole bunch of them, from Dreypa's Oubliette to Rohlan Dyre.) Enjoy the game — less than a month now until it goes live for everyone!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mass Effect Invasion #2, Knight Errant Deluge #4 now on sale!

Another double-release Wednesday, with Star Wars: Knight Errant — Deluge #4 and Mass Effect: Invasion #2 on sale in shops across North America. More creepy comics goodness with Hutts and Reapers!

The Stormdrivers have come to Aquilaris, and Kerra's all alone in trying to save her former home. Can Kerra save her friends from the literal flood? This issue's Joe Quinones cover, you may recall, was the exclusive print from San Diego.

Meanwhile, a different plague has struck over in Mass Effect: Reaper Adjutants! Plus, what does Cerberus have in store for Omega? Check it out in this issue — with a regular cover by Massimo Carnevale and a variant cover by Paul Renaud!

A quick note — I have been alerted that retailers serviced by Diamond's "New Memphis" warehouse may not receive Deluge #4 and some other items until next week because of a shipping problem. Ask your retailer if you don't see it on sale.
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