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Monday, November 28, 2011

Carrick Station? Say, that sounds familiar...

The Old Republic MMORPG is on the launchpad — and as players of the beta are now able to report, there is at least one familiar name to be found: Carrick Station, an important hub. The game's site is here; Google a bit, and you'll get a look at the location itself.

I've been asked a few times already about whether there's a direct in-universe connection between that naming and the Carrick from the Knights of the Old Republic comics. It's not my project to speak to (though I have spoken with the fine folks behind it), so all I can really do here is state what everyone already knows. There are many years between the settings, and a lot of Carricks in the galaxy — including in Zayne's family alone! — so there may be a connection, or maybe not. Time will, of course, tell — time, and the stories in between!

Which is a good reason to get your order in for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic — War #1 at your local comics retailer. Zayne as we knew him wasn't a very popular person with the Republic — nobody was going to be naming anything after him. But his life is about to change again, drastically. Could he finally be in line for the acclaim his actions deserve — or will things go from bad to worse? With Zayne's luck, you never know!

There are several fun callback nuggets in the TOR game, or so I've been told — including even in the server names, I'm told. (Update: Look in the comments here for a whole bunch of them, from Dreypa's Oubliette to Rohlan Dyre.) Enjoy the game — less than a month now until it goes live for everyone!
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Anonymous said...

Some server names I picked from official @swtor Twitter feed (didn't participate in beta myself):

Rogue Moon
The Hot Prospect
Flames of the Crucible
Dreypa's Oubliette
The Moomo Williwaw

Chani said...


The Last Resort
Rohlan Dyre
Moomo Brothers
Jedi Covenant

John Jackson Miller said...

Thanks for these! Nice little tip of the hat here -- and there's no need to explain server names in continuity! :)

JF Boivin said...

Any hint on how long after KOTOR#50 the new series will start? Is it going to be numbers "#51 in a series" in the indicia?

John Jackson Miller said...

JF, I think we have an interview coming up that addresses your first question -- though I think we have said there isn't a long interval. For reference, though, KOTOR #50 ended in the waning days of 3963, exactly one year after KOTOR #3. The year turns from 3964 to 3963 during "Flashpoint." Approximately, that is...

As to your second question, I may address numbering in a blog post this week -- I've been meaning to blog more, anyway!

Heimir said...

I've seen a few more connections to your work in the game. A companion to the bounty hunter comments on a statue of Darth Revan, saying "I've heard Revan took that mask off a dead Mandalorian during the war", or something like that.

And there is a Mandalorian whose rank is Rally Master. Weren't both your work?

I love these small things readers of the comic series can spot and recognise.

John Jackson Miller said...

Interesting! The mask did come from a dead Mandalorian, though the body had been incinerated. That story was in #42.

As for the rally masters, the concept of the red-level Neo-Crusaders came from the first game -- I just gave them a name. Mandalorians are really decentralized and non-hierarchical so I couldn't see using any kind of traditional rank names. (Though there is a bit of hierarchy in the whole Neo-Crusader movement, as we have seen.)

Heimir said...

And I just came across some codex (an in-game encyclopedia) entries on the events in the comics as well, from the Padawan Massacre to the Jedi Covenant to the events of Vector. Zayne is a central focus in all of them.

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