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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dances with Mandalorians! KOTOR War #2 hits stands

Zayne Carrick has pretended to be a Mandalorian many times — but now he's been captured by the Mandalorians and pressed into service. Drafted by two different armies in the same month? For Zayne, that's part for the course! And you can check it out in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - War #2, now on sale at your local comic book purveyor's emporium!

With #2, we learn more about what former Jedi Master Dorjander Kace has up his now-armored sleeve — and Zayne gets to see what life with the Mandalorians is really like. It's not what he expects, to be sure...

Also, Roqoo Depot has the exclusive first look at the cover of May's Knights of the Old Republic - War #5, the big finish to the arc. There'll be more up here about it in a few days — and I'll have notes online about our big second issue.
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