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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bart Simpson goes comic crazy -- and Mass Effect gets DLC

Some fun stuff available this week!

First off, in comics shops today, is my latest Simpsons story, "For A Limited Time Only," appearing in Bart Simpson #77.

Bart and Milhouse, getting hold of a pile of tragically coverless comics, decide to answer all the ads that don't have expiration dates — and end up destabilizing the world economy! It's a rollicking story that touches on all kinds of comics ads past. (I also have a story in Bart #76, still available.)

This week also saw the release of Mass Effect: Omega, the downloadable content which is a direct sequel to the events of Mass Effect Invasion, the comics story I scripted and co-plotted with lead game designer Mac Walters.

It's fun to see General Petrovsky, who I named and helped develop characterization for, appearing here as the lead villain. You can get Mass Effect Invasion from your local comics shop, from Amazon, or from Things From Another World — and check out my notes on the project here.

Finally, I'm profiled in the new Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics — click here to check out an excerpt. Flattered by the attention!
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