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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A decade in fiction, observed

A personal anniversary: Ten years ago today, I was working, as usual, in the Krause Publications offices on the week before New Year's; I tended to do that a lot, because we always waited to do the Year-in-Review articles for Comics Buyer's Guide until the year was actually over. (A lot of major comics events had happened during that last week of the year, from DC's purchase of Wildstorm to Marvel's purchase of Heroes World Distribution; as CBG was a weekly back then, there was no problem in waiting to do the review features.)

I don't think I was actually there to write the article, that year, as I had been promoted and shifted that year to work on the Standard Catalog of Comic Books line — but for whatever reason, I was in the office to take a call from Marvel's Michael Doran — a colleague previously (and again now) at Newsarama. He conveyed an invite to pitch for Marvel's "new talent" line under the revived Epic brand. After getting permission from my superiors, I began work that night. By the end of the weekend, I'd finished the script for what would become (after many revisions) my first professional comics project: Crimson Dynamo #1. (Read the detailed story behind the story here.)

The comic book would release in early September 2003, and the entire line would fold almost immediately after our storyline concluded — but I had been bitten by the bug. I had already moved on to Iron Man, which led to Simpsons and Star Wars work. I continued moonlighting for several years, until I finally began writing full time in 2007.

With a release-filled 2012 of comics and prose work ending — and a busy 2013 on the horizon with Star Wars: Kenobi as well as some announcements to come — I am again working this week between Christmas and New Year's. But I have no complaints — and am glad I was in the office to take the call years earlier, on the Friday before New Year's. If I'd gone to Vegas, I might still be scribbling in sketchbooks. For this happenstance, I am thankful — and I am looking forward to more years writing for you fine folks. You are all appreciated!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lost Tribe of the Sith - Spiral: The Kesh-crushing conclusion!

I've been living on Tatooine for the last couple of months, writing Star Wars: Kenobi — but the Sith will not be ignored! And so today sees the release of Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith - Spiral #5, the end of the Lord Dreypa arc and a comic book full of Sithy revenge and destruction.

It's the last release in a pretty busy year for me, which included...

• 15 Star Wars comics, including the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - War collection;
• the Lost Tribe of the Sith - The Collected Stories prose release (which is now in its fifth printing);
• the Mass Effect: Invasion comics series and collected edition;
• a couple of Bart Simpson issues;
• and a short story in Baen's Armored collection.

Say, that bullet-pointed list looks almost indistinguishable from a holiday gift suggestion list, doesn't it? An amazing coincidence!
And, of course, I've been busy writing Kenobi, which has had me in the desert even when there's snow outside. There'll be more information about that, coming soon, as well as some announcements I'm looking forward to making. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for the latest.

Well, back to the Hutt — er, hut. Happy shopping!
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